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the North & East Yorkshire Provincial Grand Senatus of the Scarlet Cord.

The Order of the Scarlet Cord, it's official title being "The Ancient and Masonic Order of the Scarlet Cord in the British Isles and its Districts and Consistories Overseas", was inaugurated on 21st July 2010 at the Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street, London. therefore it is a young Order but has links with a previous Order known in the early 1900's as Knights of the Scarlet Cord.

The early days of the present Order had it attached to the Order of the Secret Monitor and although it is now completely separated it is still a resquite that to be in the Scarlet Cord, membership of the Secret Monitor is first essential. The link with the OSM is still in evidence as the breast jewels of the Order are worn in the OSM, even Grand Officers of the OSM wear them.

There are many different titles for the Officers of the Order and some are quite strange sounding, especially the body who form an Arch of Steel.

The Head of the Order is refered to as Most Distinguished Companion <Name> Grand Summus. Heads of a Provincial Grand SENATUS (Note not Lodge, Conclave etc etc) are Right Distinguished Companion <Name>, Provincial Grand Summus. Each individual body within the Provincial Grand Senatus is a Consistory.

The Provincial Grand Senatus of North & East Yorkshire has presently three Consistories. They are located, York (Castlegate); Selby Area and Thirsk.

There is a separate web page with more details on these consistories.